Terms of Reference





The Parish vision is to be an inclusive and friendly parish, utilising the talents of all parishioners, encouraging the participation of as many people as possible, recognising and harnessing diversity and involving all regardless of age.


Money, buildings and equipment are essential to meet our vision and the FGPC has a role to play as follows:


1.      Support the Parish Priest in the management and control of the Parish finances by reviewing quarterly reports from the Treasurer, confirm the robustness of the Parish finances and recommend any actions arising therefrom.

2.      Ensure that any management systems and procedures are fit for purpose and minimise the burden placed on volunteers.

3.      Ensure the integrity of the church building, hall and presbytery and ensure any necessary maintenance is carried out.

4.      Ensure the quinquennial survey is carried out on behalf of the Diocese.

5.      Ensure a plan of necessary remedial action is drawn up and maintained.

6.      Develop a 5-year rolling maintenance plan.

7.      Ensure the maximum benefit to the Parish from gift aided donations.

8.      Where necessary, develop fund raising activities.

9.      Ensure that expenditure is in line with meeting the Parish Vision statement