FGPC Minutes

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Minutes of the Finance & General-Purpose Committee Meeting

on the 24th April 2018

Monsignor Francis Jamieson opened the meeting with a prayer at 7pm.



Lou Baily

Eddie Brown

Ruth Hiscock



Ken Bateson

Roland Cise

Fr. Francis Jamieson



Present, Absent with Apology, Unknown

 Minutes of Last Meeting

·         Matters Arising: None.

·         Matters from last meeting requiring action have all been completed except:

o   TOR Comments

o   Maintenance, repairs etc. (See Church and Presbytery redecoration)

Treasurer’s Report - Overview of Parish finances i.e. income vs expenditure and contingent allowances.

·         Year-end review was presented to the committee by the Parish Treasurer, Ruth Hiscock. The salient points of which were:

o   Giving (donations etc.) was over Budget

o   Income was slightly up

o   Expenditure slightly down

o   The Accounts for this year had been prepared. These are included at the end of this document and will be published separately on the Church Website.

o   The Parish Treasurer pointed out that the budget was based on attendance figures collated during October of each year. Last October saw an approximate 30% drop in attendance.

·         Application of diocesan levy on income, including donations, was confirmed at just over 13.5%. However, it was also confirmed that for major projects, such as building the hall, that this was reduced by 50%.

Church & Presbytery redecoration

·         A quote for redecoration of both the Church and Presbytery had been obtained and the following points were raised:

o   A cursory examination of the company in question revealed that it had been in business for a very short time and were possibly inexperienced in such work, particularly the remedial work required.

o   The detail of the quote was far too superficial for such a project.

o   The quote of £28,500 required a 40% deposit ahead of starting the work. The Committee were uncomfortable with this.

·         In light of the above the Committee members felt that the overarching requirement of repairs/remedial work actually required the services of an established Builder and even the possibility of an Architect to oversee the work. To that end two builders will be contacted to provide a detailed quotation for the work. They will be:

o   Hammond & Sons from Sturminster Newton as they have previously undertaken work on the Church.

o   R B Snook of Sturminster Newton as they built the Church Hall.

o   The chairman undertook to contact Sherborne Parish as they have recently undertaken redecoration of their Church.


Church reorganisation

·         Father Francis stated that almost everything he would like can be completed after the redecoration.

·         The one exception is that if possible the Altar should be moved back about one yard as the space between the Altar and Tabernacle is far too much and is in essence wasted. It was agreed that the Builders who will quote for the redecoration etc. will be asked about this. If it is possible Father Francis would also like the Altar turned around so the front actually faced the congregation.


·         IT Matters have been completed. Broadband has been extended through the Hall roof space up to the Parish Office (St. Cecilia’s room). Additional cabling was in place should Broadband/WiFi be needed in the Hall itself.

·         Work on the Patio/Landscaping is due to commence on May 9th.

·         Blinds have been fitted.

·         The Tap in the toilet has been replace by a push-on version, which automatically cuts-off. This will eliminate the accidental leaving-on of the taps.

Gift Aid

·         One more parishioners have Gift-Aided

·         Two parishioners have increased the amount they donate

·         It was suggested that if donations made to the Church were by non-taxpayers, and therefore could not Gift-Aid, then perhaps the donation could be made through their Wife/Husband if indeed they were a taxpayer and thus could do so with Gift-Aid.


·         None

Next FGPC meeting

·         TBA

Close of Meeting                                                                                                                     

The meeting closed at 8.10pm