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The Catenian Association is a social organisation for Catholic men in business, the professions or public life. Members find true friendship, with their Catholic Faith providing the strong common bond. The local groups, or Circles as they are known, hold monthly meetings, and each Circle has a social programme designed to appeal to all tastes and involve wives and families.
Formed in 1908 in Manchester through the instigation of the then Bishop of Salford, Bishop Casartelli, the Association has more than 10,000 members in over 300 Circles. Although founded in this country, there are now Circles in Ireland, Malta, Australia, Southern Africa, India and Hong Kong.
The Aims of the Association are:

To foster brotherly love among the members

Develop social bonds among the members and their families

To advance the interests of members and their dependants by individual or collective action

To advance the interests of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice or pursuit of a career

To maintain and administer benevolent funds for the benefit of members or their dependants who may be in difficulty or need
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