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From the Parish Priest

A Catholic looks at... .........?..?..?..?..?..

Should Jesus Christ return to our world, how would He view us, we who call ourselves Christians?

          Would He bow His shoulders in sorrow to see how we tear ourselves apart over man-made rules and regulations, ignoring the greater problems of the world?

          Would He stretch out His arms to our children, saying. "Come to me, and I will restore your lost innocence."?

          Would He shed a tear to see man’s anxious preoccupation with himself and the material things of this world?

          Would He feel sadness at the separation which seems to exist between Christian theory and practice?

          Would His heart ache to see men placing the achieving of wealth and celebrity above integrity and sensitiveness to the needs of others?

          Would He mourn that His example of identification with the weak, the poor, the dispossessed, the underprivileged, is being forgotten?

          Would He lament for a world where many are militant in demanding their 'rights', and the concept of  'responsibility' seems fast disappearing?

          Would He feel His heart heavy within Him on seeing men endeavour to gain their ends through the use of bombs, war and violence?

          Would He sigh to see men puffed up with the arrogance of office, proudly wielding power, rather than humbly serving their fellows?

          Would He weep at the sight of so many abandoning the struggle towards goodness, towards morality, towards spirituality?

          Would He close His eyes in pain that His precept - forgive even seventy times seven - is more honoured in the breach than in the observance?

          Would He grieve over the exiles, the refugees, the lonely, the persecuted, the outcasts from society who seem to be invisible to so many of their fellow men?


          Would His heart bleed to see that institutions, hierarchies and traditions seem to be more important than the spiritual good of mankind.

Would He cry woe to see what we have accomplished  with the precious gift of free will?

          Many seem determined to cast Jesus Christ as a politico-social figure, a revolutionary, but He rejected all forms of violence, hate and revenge. Hans Kung writes - "the Sermon on the Mount, and all Jesus's ethical requirements were addressed primarily to the individual..." His message is that the heart and mind of each person must change, that "mutual service, regardless of precedence, in a Christian spirit, means unconditional trust, goodness, giving, loving goodwill in advance, without any compelling reasons". Men must be truly human, truly one with other men, transfigured by the spirit of God within.

          Should not each of us open our eyes to the difficulties of so many in the world around us, not to condemn, but to help and care?

          Should we not look at every individual, and see Christ within?

          Should we not seek Christ within ourselves?

          Should each heart be changed in this way, is it not possible that the problems of the world would gradually be confronted, be lessened, and perhaps, defeated?